Already experimenting with many  crafts, she finally gained solid silversmithing technique foundations at the Mokume Institute in Athens. Her sculptural attitude towards jewellery was apparent. Wanting to develop herself and her skills even more, she studied an MA in Jewellery, Silverversmithing and Related Products, at Birmingham City University, where she gained a lot of experience in various materials, apart from metal. She took her sculptural tendency a step further by making objects that are wearable sculptures and barely function as jewellery in the traditional sense.  Then she realised that her talent in sculpture was what drove her to the jewellery sector in the first place.

So once she founded Zolia Jewellery in 2014, she decided to combine art, sculpture and jewellery making and to create fully functional pieces of jewellery that can be seen as pieces of sculpture as well. Indeed, she calls herself a sculptor first and then a jewellery maker and designer.

Her distinctive style derives from her early influences from architecture and constructivism and her later inspirations from futurism and biomorphism. The edges and the angles come from the first, while the fluid curves come from the second. Her big interest in Pop Art adds the colourful stones and details.

She never stops developing herself and her work, so she keeps experimenting in combining various materials in her pieces and in making large scale pieces of sculpture.

Eleni was shortlisted as New Designer of the Year 2016 for the UK Jewellery Awards hosted by the Retail Jeweller magazine.